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If you're not from Willimantic, you may be wondering why we've chosen a frog as our mascot. Well, the answer lies in our town's history. In June of 1754, the citizens of Windham (Willimantic is located in Windham) were awakened in the middle of the night by a frightening racket just outside of town. The French and Indian War was underway, so they seized their weapons and prepared for the impending Indian attack. When morning arrived, the armed villagers marched in the direction of the noise only to discover that the nearby pond had dried up, and the area was littered with hundreds of dead bullfrogs. Thus, the fearsome sounds that had plagued the citizenry the previous night had not been Indians but rather bullfrogs "fighting" for water. The pond was renamed Frog Pond, the story spread throughout the towns and colonies, and the legend was born.

So to those of you who were expecting to see a production with amphibious thespians gracing the stage, we apologize for any misunderstanding.
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