Auditions for The Addams Family

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Tuesday, May 21st 2019 @ 7:00 PM

Location: Windham Middle School

The Windham Theatre Guild announces Auditions for its summer musical:

The Addams Family Musical

Tuesday, May 21 and Wednesday, May 22 from 7-9 p.m.

At Windham Middle School on Quarry Street in Willimantic

Director:  Pam Pellegrine      Choreographer:  Ava Molnar        Music Director:  Ken Clark

Audition will include vocal, dance/movement, and acting.

Prepare a short (30-40 second) musical selection for the vocal audition, and bring copy of sheet music in your key. Piano accompaniment will be provided.

Readings from the script will be provided.  

Dress appropriately for dance/movement activities.

In person auditions only.  

Casting Requirements:  

4 Adult Female Primary Roles   Ages:  18 years and up

4 Adult Male Primary Roles:   Ages:  18 years and up

1 Youth/Young Adult Role (Pugsley):   Ages:  12- 20 years old

10 Ensemble Roles: Ages:  16 years and up

Rehearsals begin:  Tuesday, May 28

Production dates:  July 19-21; 26-28; August 1-3


Character Descriptions:  Based on the Characters made famous on tv and in movies! 

Adult Roles:  For Ages 18 years and up 

Gomez Addams, (Bari-Tenor): The family patriarch and husband to Morticia.  Multiple solo numbers, strong comedic timing and vocals needed.  Dance experience and Fencing skills a plus.

Morticia Addams, (Alto/Mezzo Sop).  The family matriarch, wife to Gomez.  Multiple solo numbers, strong comedic timing and vocals needed.  Dance experience a plus

Uncle Fester, (Bari-Tenor)  The child-like Uncle.  Serves as the musical’s narrator.  Several solo numbers.  Needs strong comedy and vocals.  Character dancing and movement.  Ukulele playing is a plus. 

Wednesday Addams, (Strong pop voice).  The teenage daughter.  Multiple solo numbers.  Some dance, strong vocals needed.

Grandma,   (Strong character vocals):  The feisty 102 Grandmother.  Some solos.  Comedic actress. 

Lurch,  (Bass):  The family butler.  A man of few words through most of the show, but has the climatic solo at the end of the show.   Tall actors a plus. 

Mal Beinecke, (Bari-Tenor) Lucas Beinecke’s Stuffy father.    Some solos and numbers with his wife. 

Alice Beinecke, (Soprano) Lucas Beinecke’s straight laced Mother.  Some solos and numbers.  Strong comedic singer and actress.  

Lucas Beinecke, (Pop Tenor):  Wednesday’s “secret” Boyfriend.  Several solo numbers. 

Youth/Adult Role:  Ages  12-20 

Pugsley Addams, (Unchanged high vocals or strong high falsetto)  to play Wednesday’s brother.   Some solos.  Strong child performer, or strong comedic young adult actor. 

Ensemble Roles:  Ages 16  and up

Addams Family Ancestors:  Featured in numerous scenes, numbers, and musical sequences.  Strong singers and dancers preferred.