Auditions for Lysistrata

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Saturday, April 6th 2024 @ 2:00 PM

Location: Burton Leavitt Theatre

Lysistrata by Aristophanes

Adapted and Directed by Ava R. Molnar

Saturday April 6th  2:00 pm and Monday April 8th  7:15 pm

Burton Leavitt Theatre

Performance Dates June 7th-16th

Show Synopsis

After years of living in a city at war Lysistrata decides to bring together representatives from opposing powers to end the war. But how can you end a war when you have no weapons or money or power? You use what you’ve got! Or rather you don’t use it. Lysistrata convinces Myrrihiné, Calonicé, Lampito, Ismenia to help start a sex strike to bring peace to Greece. This new adaptation takes the ancient comedy and explores the struggle between power and desire.

Characters (all characters can be played mid 20’s and older)

     Fem./Non-Binary Characters 

Lysistrata - A generally mild ideas gal who learns they may be more ferocious at heart than realized.

Myrrhiné - A true “lover not fighter”. Loves friends, Cinesias, and any good time with wine.

Calonicé - The “mom friend” type who wants the best for everyone but would prefer if it was possible to help while being curled up with a nice blanket and finishing a knitting project.

Lampito/Old Lady 2 - Lampito, a well-groomed and resolute representative from Sparta. Old Lady 2, sassy and brutal

Ismenia/Old Lady 1 - Ismenia, a quiet and sweetly earnest representative from Corinth. Old Lady 1 stern but comical 

   Masc. Characters

Magistrate - The state supervisor of the treasury, very much about maintaining the status quo

Cinesias/Old Man 2 - Cinesias, that guy with effortless charisma, so chill that everyone ends up gravitating towards him. Old Man 2, basically the opposite of Cinesias.

Demetrius/Old Man 1- Demetrius, a herald from Sparta who confidently comes to broker peace. Old Man 1, thinks he’s smart and is sometimes right.

Auditions will consist of cold reads and improv

If you have any questions please email