Playwright's Showcase 2023

Playwrights Showcase

September 29 & 30, 2023 at 7:30 PM

The WTG Playwrighting Group has been hard at work and will once again present the world premier of eight one act plays.

A Truth In A Dream by Rebecca Steigelfest

A Truth In A Dream is a moody, contemplative piece about a dreamer and her nightmares. Themes of exhaustion, trauma and helplessness. The play explores a few of her nightmares and their lasting effect on her. The tone is dark, surreal, and subversive.

Cartoon Graveyard by Kody Mileski

“Cartoon Graveyard” slowly peels back layers for what appears to be just another homeless man begging for money. As the man encounters new passersby we start to learn more about his past struggles, and what he has lost. Through the curiosity and innocence of our youth, that we have since forgotten, it is found that we have a lot more in common with people than we think.

Closing Time by Jeremy Sander

A group of longtime friends have just left a local haunt and need to talk about memorial services for someone that was close to all of them. But Jamie has broken one of the cohorts rules and brought along a +1 without letting any of the others know.

Mable and Adrienne by Jill Zarcone

Two mothers with nothing in common, sitting together on a bench outside a school yard, realize they could have very much in common.

Maniacal Misadventures in Tax Fraud by Scotty Duval

Synopsis: Jim, a bookish tax preparer at accounting firm R&H Bock, attempts to help a... um... shall we say naive newlywed couple, Robin and Harper, get the most of their tax return this year. Keyword here: attempts.

Thank You, Five! by Raven Rose

It’s backstage in a community theater production of Into The Woods, and nothing seems to be going right. Audrey, a seasoned performer, is nowhere to be found; Emma, a promising young lead, is having a breakdown over her costume. The rest of the cast and crew scramble to get things ready for a show that opens in five minutes.

The Wanderer by Jordan Chenette

When Jason’s parents go out of town, he invites his girlfriend and friends over to drink and meet the new exotic pet his dad just purchased on Ebay.

Torched by Peter DeNegre

After being overlooked by many directors, agents and theater producers, Vanessa
decides to take matters into her own hands and burn down the theater that has rejected her
time and again for no good reason. She is about to light the bonfire when her best friend
discovers her plot and tries to convince her this is not the way to go.

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