The Thanksgiving Play

“High school drama teacher Logan is desperate to save her career. Always ready to rock the boat, she is now facing a petition that calls for her termination. So she pursued several grants ranging from education to cultural awareness to bring together three actors that will devise a play about the first Thanksgiving. Or Native American Heritage Month. Or just November in general. With yoga instructor (and boyfriend) Jaxton, elementary teacher Caden, and professional actress Alicia, Logan is out to save her career and tell a culturally conscious story about what it means to be Native American … even though all of the performers are white. Punctuated by offensive (and completely real) Thanksgiving songs from educators' social media, Larissa FastHorse’s The Thanksgiving Play is a hilarious satiric jab at political correctness, social wokeness, and cultural assumptions.”

Larissa FastHorse is a member of the Sicangu Lakota nation of South Dakota and is the first female Native American playwright to have a play produced on Broadway.

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