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    Thursday, Nov 21st
  • WTG is proud to present this staged reading by Matt Bessette, a veteran actor of the Burton Leavitt Theatre who has been in the theatre program at Eastern for the last few years.  Dedecus is a one-act tragedy in verse! Bessette experiments with form in this play; each of the five speaking characters bears a unique metrical form, rhyme scheme, and stanza type—which contribute to their distinct rhythms and rhymes. In addition to their poetic differences, they each also bear a unique Latin name, tragic flaw, and Jungian archetype—which contribute to their diverse personalities and weaknesses. Furthermore, inspired by medieval and (later) Strindbergian station dramas, the scenic locales are organized in a palindromic structure (ABCDCBA)—so that Duritia’s journey comes full-circle and the play ends in exactly the same place it started. In essence, the dramatic structure reinforces her tragic and cynical sense of failure and doubt.

    Come experience this unique script and provide feedback to the playwright as he continues his creative process in writing the full Trilogy.  Tickets are just $5and  can be reserved by calling 860-423-2245 or will be available at the door. 



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